WEBER Q electric barbecues are amazingly quick and easy. Light and compact, they fit onto a balcony or into a small city garden without fuss. The original design of WEBER Q electric barbecues makes them easy to transport.

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If it is grills you want, the Weber electric barbecue is your perfect solution. What's more, you still keep all the flavour and practical aspects. Take it with you camping or on your boat. Use it on the terrace of your flat or in your garden: you just need to plug in and it is ready for all your grills.


• Power: 2.2 kW
• 1 electrical resistance
• Cast aluminium bowl
• Cast aluminium lid
• Wide handles make carrying easy
• 2 vitrified cast iron cooking grates
• Temperature regulator
• Fat receptacle
• Glass-fibre reinforced nylon structure
• 1.80 m electric cable
• Cooking surface: 43 x 32 cm
• For 6 people
• 5-year guarantee
• Fuchsia


Protect your Weber Q100, Q140, Q1200 and Q1400 gas grill with a fitted, reinforced vinyl cover. The elastic side tapes and front tie adjust the cover to your barbecue.

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Grill without the mess by catching grease in the grill catch pan. Cook all your favorite vegetables, fruits and meats in these Weber Small Drip Pans. Each pan measures 8.5 in. x 6 in.

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Accessory for grilling vegetables, potatoes and many other types of food on the barbecue. They can also be used for delicate fish, or fruit. Stainless steel in 430 grade steel.

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With these double pronged skewers, you can be sure that meat and vegetables will remain in place; it is also extremely easy to turn the skewers over. They can be used with all Weber barbecues (except ø 37 cm charcoal barbecues). Length: 29 cm.

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Small metal brush with wooden handle for cleaning the grill on your barbecue. Use the metal wedge to remove the most difficult incrustations.

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Large metal brush with wooden handle for cleaning the grill on your barbecue. Use the metal wedge to remove the most difficult incrustations.

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Set of 2 side tables for Weber Q100 ,Q140, Q1000,Q 1200 and Q1400.

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Weber Original 6429 Small Roast Holder: This Weber Original Roast Holder easily goes from grill to plate and allows even browning. Made of plated steel. Dishwasher safe. Fits all Weber grills.

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For all barbecues, this ceramic griddle is very practical for cooking delicate food. 40.4 x 21.8 cm.

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These baskets let you cook all types of fish easily and turn them over quickly without breaking.

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Stay neat and clean while cooking in this black Weber BBQ Apron. You'll look like a grilling pro even if you aren't one yet. The dark color easily hides stains and smudges.

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The cast iron griddle provides an even spread of heat for perfect results and guarantees a very easy cleaning process. It fits all Weber barbecues in the Q 1000 series.

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Standing at the ideal height for cooking, this new compact and robust cart can be folded so you cantransport your Weber Q with ease. It fits all Weber barbecues in the Q 1000 and 2000 series.

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