The new cooking system in Char-Broil’s Performance 580 charcoal grill utilizes a patented tray that make it easy to control cooking temperature, by creating more efficient burning and less wasted heat. This system empowers you to deliver your desired cooking results without compromising on your grilling experience.

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Nothing can beat the mouthwatering goodness of food you grilled in your very own backyard. The Char-Broil Free Standing Charcoal Grilll is the perfect way to cook up a dinner for friends and family! With a total surface area use this reliable grill to dazzle your friends with tasty mouth-watering burgers, charred veggies, juicy steaks and smoky chicken. This grill features a charcoal style cooking for maximum heat. Its crank-adjustable height fire pan is convenient and easy to use. The grill's main space is operates at high heat for cooking through those thicker steaks. But the grill also has a side area - perfect for keeping your food warm or giving it an extra light grill. You can also tell exactly how hot you're cooking your food through the provided professional temperature gauges - the easiest way to monitor heat control. The cast-iron door provides easy, front access to tending the fire with minimum heat loss. The grill also features a patented, removable charcoal pan that's built for increased efficiency and better cooking control, and 2 side dampers to assist in temperature control and ventilation. Its design includes convenient side shelves for extra workspace, and a bottom storage shelf.


  • 2 cast iron grills with ceramic coating 27 x 47 cm each of them
  • Multiadjustable tray holder carbon steel: Hot, Med, & Warm height temperature control
  • Cooking grill surface:  55 x 48 cm
  • Warming rack 50 x 25 cm
  • Clock temperature
  • Front access cast iron door for tending fire with minimum heat los
  • 2 wheels
  • Patented, removable, charcoal pan for increased efficiency and cooking control.
  • Easily add coals without removing the entire grate
  • Two adjustable side dampers
  • Bottom storage shelf
  • Convenient side shelves provide extra space
  • Burger Count: 20
  • Measures: 110 cm x : 122 cm x :71,50 cm


Can I use this barbecue  with firewood? Yes, but be careful. The sheet of iron  with which it is built is not very thick and it could be bent if we put a lot of firewood at once. You have to burn the wood little by little and avoid extreme temperatures. Beware of this because the guarantee does not cover the excesses of temperatures and it is very easy to know if there has been an excess of temperature.



This cover for Char-Broil Performance 580 and Pertformance 3500 grills fits also most grills up to 56" wide and 28" deep. The weather-resistant PVC protects your grill from the dust, wind, rain and snow all year-round. 


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