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Summit by name and summit by nature, Weber®'s top-of-the-range charcoal barbecue does it all and is exclusive to Weber World Stores. Whether it be grilling, roasting or baking at extremely high temperatures, or smoking over a long period of time at a very low temperature this barbecue has been designed to allow you to do the lot.

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With a thick aluminium lid liner acting as a seal and a double-wall construction around the body of the kettle, the Summit® Charcoal® traps warm air which then acts as an insulator allowing greater control over the cooking temperature as well as needing less fuel to cook with.

In addition, by using aluminium to line the lid and with the aid of a sturdy spring-assisted hinge the lid remains light and easy to open and close.

Unlike the rest of the Weber® charcoal barbecue lids, rather than the traditional vent the Summit® Charcoal has a unique multi-position Rapidfire lid damper which, when fully open, provides a chimney starter effect making it possible to start the barbecue quickly, particularly with the added inclusion of snap-jet gas ignition.  Also, having a hinge means the damper can be fully opened to boost the flow of air to rapidly raise the internal temperature of the BBQ.

Another new feature on the Summit® Charcoal® is the 'Smoke' setting incorporated into the One-Touch® cleaning system. By simply rotating the control lever to the 'Smoke' icon the bottom vents are then significantly reduced to allow minimal airflow through the unit, thus reducing the temperature and holding it in the 'smoke zone' (as indicated in the specially designed lid thermometer). Together with the supplied diffuser plate this function transforms the barbecue into a smoker with optimal airflow.

Even the versatile diffuser plate plays many roles depending on the type of cooking being done. Comprising of two layers of hinged stainless steel the plate can be used to enclose an air gap to aid low and slow smoking as well as stand up to higher temperatures during grilling.

As you would expect from a barbecue offering so much, the Summit® Charcoal® comes with a 61cm hinged Gourmet BBQ System® grate with a removable 30cm centrepiece to allow you to combine all of the GBS® accessories including sear grate, wok, pizza stone and griddle (all sold separately) to further enhance your cooking possibilities.

Besides the versatility that the 61cm Gourmet BBQ System® grate offers, it also has an impressive 2922cm² total cooking area which is more than sufficient for a family or group of friends to enjoy a hassle-free garden party or all-year round alfresco get-together.

Other great features on the Summit® Charcoal® include a two position fuel grate for more flexibility when cooking, Weber® stainless steel One-Touch® Cleaning System with removable ash catcher, stainless steel tool holders and a locking front wheel for convenience. Included with the barbecue are a drip tray to collect the dripping fats and juices, Char-Baskets and a charcoal cup to make it easier to measure the recommended quantity of fuel.

As if the Weber® Summit® Charcoal barbecue didn't offer enough, the Weber® Summit® Charcoal Grilling Centre offers even more! Besides everything highlighted above the Grilling Centre also comes with a stainless steel side table to keep dishes, seasonings, and barbecuing tools within arm’s reach and a CharBin storage container to store your briquettes to ensure they are always dry and ready to use.

As you would expect from a quality brand like Weber® there are a huge range of accessories designed to assist and take your outdoor cooking to the next level from cook books, tools, warming racks, covers right through to flavoured wood chips.


Bowl and lid – 10 years
Handle – 5 years
Stainless steel One-Touch® cleaning system – 5 years 
Charcoal grate and cooking grate – 5 Years 
All other parts (Legs, base, triangle, ash catcher, wheels and vents) – 2 years


Prolong the life of your Weber grill by keeping it covered. This grill cover is made from all-weather polyester that is waterproof and UV resistant.


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