This rotisserie skewer will expand your options with any of the Weber gas grills when combined with one of the Rotisserie accessories that are available separately. The skewer fits onto the rotisserie allowing you to spit grill delicious kebebs or even bake bread.

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Use your rotisserie to cook delicious Kebas. The set installs on the rotisserie spike and consist of 12 Stainless Steel skewers in two different lengths. Fits all Weber rotisseries.


  • - Don't waste time turning over your skewers by hand and risking an uneven cook!
  • - This fantastic products does all the work for you, simply setup the skewers on the rotisserie and leave the BBQ to do all the work.
  • - The rotating action will ensure that the meat and vegetables are all evenly browned and thanks to the self basting nature of a rotisserie your food will remain wonderfully moist and tender.
  • - This accessory must be used in conjunction with a Weber rotisserie.
  • - Contains 2 x 6 skewers.
  • - Fits all Weber rotisseries.
  • - Length of the 6 short skewers: 30 cm.
  • - Length of the 6 long skewers: 42 cm.
  • - Made of Stainless Steel.

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