The ultimate in BBQ cooking. Six stainless steel burners, a built-in side burner, an exclusive burner-smoke box, a rear infra-red burner for rotisserie, side cooker with 2 burners, side cupboard with larder and corner bin. We venture to say that there is nothing that this grill cannot grill.

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Summit Grill Center GBS

Great grill for cooking for a party. The social area is good for serving food hot off the grill. Storage is good for all your grilling tools and cooking stuff. This unit will turn a few heads.

COOKING SYSTEM Stainless steel burners: 6 9 mm diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates Stainless steel Flavorizer® bars Main burners: BTU-per-hour input: 60,000 Sear Station® burner: BTU-per-hour input: 10,600 Smoker burner: BTU-per-hour input: 6,800 Rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner: BTU-per-hour input: 10,600 Dual-ring side burner: BTU-per-hour input: 27,000 Tuck-Away™ rotisserie system with flip-up motor and separate spit and fork storage Snap-Jet™ individual burner ignition system COOKING AREA Primary cooking area (square inches): 624 Warming rack area (square inches): 145 Total cooking area (square inches): 769 CONSTRUCTION Porcelain-enameled shroud with center-mounted thermometer Stainless steel shroud with center-mounted thermometer Front access, stainless steel grease tray with catch pan Extra-large stainless steel work surfaces: 3 L-shaped, right-hand social area Stainless steel control panel with cast aluminum end caps Enclosed storage areas with painted steel doors and chrome-plated aluminum handles: 3 Adjustable stainless steel wire shelves: 6 Condiment rail Covered, insulated ice bin Stainless steel paper towel holder Enclosed trash can with rear-access trash removal door (plastic can included) Adjustable steel legs: 12


Wood for smoking, 0,7 Kg bag of mesquite chips. Mesquite chips deliver a smoke and bacon-like flavour and now come in a re-sealable bag. Excellent for smoking paticularly beef, pork and venison.


Hickory chips deliver a sharp, heavy, bacon-like smoke flavour and now come in a re-sealable bag. Excellent for smoking paticularly beef, pork and venison.


Accessory for grilling vegetables, potatoes and many other types of food on the barbecue. They can also be used for delicate fish, or fruit. Stainless steel in 430 grade steel.


Use the cooking tray for delicate fish and fruit. This stainless steel accessory makes cooking a real pleasure. 40 x 30 x 3 cm.


Beer can chicken without the can. Includes a roasting tray without spikes, an infusing pan and infusing cover. For use on any Weber barbecue, either charcoal or gas.


With these double pronged skewers, you can be sure that meat and vegetables will remain in place; it is also extremely easy to turn the skewers over. They can be used with all Weber barbecues (except ø 37 cm charcoal barbecues). Length: 29 cm.


The Weber large, metal T-brush easily cleans your barbecue grill in the places that are difficult to clean. Triangular brush. It has long, hard brass bristles.


The Weber small, metal T-brush easily cleans your barbecue grill in the places that are difficult to clean. Triangular brush. It has long, hard brass bristles.


This set of 5 kabobs have a two prong design to keep food from rotating. Easy grip handles with kettle icon provide an easy way to turn the food while on the grillThis Weber Stainless Steel Kabob Weber Style set makes transporting kabob skewers to and from the grill easy. - The two prong design keeps food from rotating. - Set of 5 kabob.


The roast rack is perfect for cooking and roasting on barbecues. The food is raised, it does not touch the grill and is more appetising.


It covers the Weber summit series 400/600 gas BBQs' fat receptacle.


The ideal solution for using your Weber gas barbecue in the dark. 3 LED lights illuminate Weber barbecues. Long-lasting LED lights designed to run for more than 10,000 hours. Operate with 3 LED lights.


Fits the following grills, Summit 400/600 Series


This digital thermometer is just the thing to tell you the temperature of cooked food, or if it is heated and cooked through.


This is the new rectangular pizza stone suitable for all Weber gas BBQs. It also lets you cook all kinds of bread and tarts, as well as delicious cakes. Measurements: 30 x 44 cm, 15 mm thick, weight 5.5 kg.

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The ceramic griddle is ideal for cooking meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables and delicate food. You can also use it as a tray for cooked food to keep it warm. This highly practical griddle is dishwasher-proof.


Wood for smoking,0,7 Kg bag of pecan wood chips.


Wood for smoking,  0,7 Kg bag of apple wood chips. Apple chips give off a sweet, dense and fruity taste and now come in a re-sealable bag. Excellent for smoking fish, pork and poultry.


For all barbecues, this ceramic griddle is very practical for cooking delicate food. 40.4 x 21.8 cm.


Enamelled griddle for gas BBQs, compatible with Weber SPIRIT, GENESIS and SUMMIT barbecues. The griddle goes on top of the grate.


The 2 in 1 design of this modular rack uses less space and allows your roasts, chops and chicken legs to cook gently.


These baskets let you cook all types of fish easily and turn them over quickly to prevent from breaking.


These baskets let you cook all types of fish easily and turn them over quickly without breaking.


Stay neat and clean while cooking in this black Weber BBQ Apron. You'll look like a grilling pro even if you aren't one yet. The dark color easily hides stains and smudges.


Set consisting of spatula and tongs. The elegant design is compact and saves space. This set consists of a spatula (length: 45 cm) and tongs (length: 45 cm).


Add the proper utensils to your new grill with Weber utensils. A good barbecue tongs, spatula and fork are necessary for grilling. Unique front end soft touch handle offers comfortable, non-slip grip. Tong handle locks for compact storage. Spatula angled neck reaches over edge of grill, keeping your hands and arms away from heat. Fork tines designed to...


Weber stainless steel fork lets you hold and test all your food.


Easily flip multiple brats, sausages, hot dogs or asparagus.


The comfortable, ergonomic handles on these robust and elegantly designed accessories let you hold all food in total safety.


Put the food directly onto this plank for the aromas to diffuse.


Weber Style 28 cm diameter x 5 cm deep frying pan. Suitable for all gas barbecues.


Weber Style 26 cm diameter x 2 cm deep pancake pan. Suitable for all gas barbecues.


Weber Style universal handle is compatible with all frying pans, saucepans and woks in the Style range. Cookware system: The universal handle fits each item and lets you remove and handle the frying pans, wok and saucepans in the range easily and without burning yourself.


The Weber Ebelskiver lets you make traditional Danish pancakes in this unique, ball shape. An ebelskiver dessert is a cross between and pancake and a bun that can be served covered in jam and dusted with sugar. You can now make this delicacy on your grill.


The Gourmet pot BBQ System  is a perfect fit for Weber Gourmet grates. You can cook in the wok without losing space on the rest of the grate. Suitable for charcoal and gas barbecues.


Kit indicated spatula and brush to thoroughly clean the Weber gas grill.


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