With Broil King®, a smaller grill is just as powerful and durable as a large one. The Monarch™ series features a rust proof Uni-Cast™ aluminium oven, the Super 8™ Infinity burner, stainless steel components and a sturdy pedestal design. All this, and the quality and performance you've come to expect from a Broil King®.

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With Broil King®, a smaller grill is just as powerful and durable as a large one. The Monarch™ series features a rust proof Uni-Cast™ aluminium oven, the Super 8™ Infinity burner, stainless steel components and a sturdy pedestal design. All this, and the quality and performance you've come to expect from a Broil King®.


  • 8.8 kWh main burner output

  • 2,258 sq. cm. primary cooking surface

  • 1,097 sq. cm. porcelain coated warming rack

  • Heavy duty cast iron cooking grids

  • 3 stainless steel Dual-Tube™ burners

  • Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™ cooking system

  • Linear-Flow™ valves

  • Sure-Lite™ electronic ignition system

  • Deluxe Accu-Temp™ thermometer


  • Therma-Cast™ aluminium oven with stainless steel lid insert

  • Black chrome painted steel drop down side shelves with integrated tool hooks

  • Black chrome epoxy painted control panel

  • Enclosed cabinet with black chrome epoxy painted door

  • 18 cm wheels with decorative grey accent and 6.4 cm locking casters

  • Quality epoxy paint finish

  • Cool-To-The-Touch thermonylon handle

  • Rust resistant zinc coated steel components


  • 119.0 in. Height 56.0 in. Width 132.0 in. Length


  • 54.0 kg


  • 22.04 in. Width 15 in. Length


Broil King Gas Grill feature
  • We reward quality. This grill features a Lifetime Warranty on the cast aluminium components, 10 years on the burners, and 2 years on all remaining parts and paint. 


Heavy duty leather grilling gloves with extra soft linings. Black gloves and blue accents with a silk screened Broil King logo. These deluxe grilling glove become more comfortable the more that they're worn.


The Broil King® Imperial™ grid lifter with grid guard and high density handle is designed for moving hot or cold cast iron or stainless steel cooking grids, crafted of stainless steel with a high density resin handle.


The QuickMist oil sprayer is a multi–functional, non–aerosol mist sprayer. Use to baste food or to coat cooking grids. Use with olive or cooking oil.


Silicone grill mitt, heat resistant to 260°C. Three finger design for maximum dexterity. Includes a silicone trivet. Dishwasher safe. *One Size Fits All. Also includes a silicone trivet for lifting hot grilling accessories, resting tools, or to protect the side shelf form hot cooking accessories.


Crafted of the same water resistant material as Broil King®Professional grill covers, this apron offers protection from grease and sauces and is easy to wipe clean. Integrated bottle opener, pockets for a thermometer, drink, and multiple utensils. Adjustable neck strap with buckle mechanism.


A folding digital thermometer Broil King with micro probe tip. Quick accurate readings. Soft outer shell and backlit screen. On / Off Hold features, temperatures can be displayed in both degrees F or C.


A 4 pack of mini meat thermometers with silicone bezel for easy removal from cooked foods and individual cuts of meat. 2 pieces calibrated for poultry in red and 2 calibrated for steak in black. Comes with a convenient Broil King® branded stand to keep the thermometers organized.


This set includes a 300ml bowl. A silicone basting brush and stainless steel bowl with integrated measured increments for accurate sauce preparation. The bowl can be used on the side burner or grill surface and the silicone brush head is heat resistant to 260°C.


A great accessory for injecting flavor into meat. Includes both a large and small needle tip and has a window with graduated markings to monitor exactly how much marinade is being injected. Disassembles for easy cleaning.


The Broil King® Imperial™ professional rib and roast rack accommodates 5 racks of ribs within an ultra durable high grade stainless steel wire frame. The multi-use design also accommodates large cuts of meat for roasting on the upper concave wire structure. Oversized 10 mm handles support the entire rack and allow it to be easily transferred from one part...


Approximately 20.3cm x 7.6cm Oak wine barrel Broil Kingl planks are cut from retired wine barrels used to slowly age some of the best Canadian and US red wines. These include cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Gamay wines. The years of aging allow for a flavour infusing smoke that's as adventurous as planking can get.


The flexible blade of this grill turner allows it to scoop up items easily. Fortunately the hard resin handle and box design shaft gives it strength and rigidity.


Stainless steel heavy duty skewers with two prongs to hold food firmly, easy to turn thanks to the oversized Broil King® branded handle. Easy to clean and built to last. Set of 4 skewers. Length 14".


Two prongs are the best way to keep cooked foods from spinning when they're being moved or flipped. Nobody likes kebabs that are cooked on only one side. Made of durable easy to clean stainless steel. 12" / 30.5 cm overall length, set of 4.


Premium grill basket Broil King is made of stainless wire with a soft grip detachable handle, this grilling basket is ideal for roasting on the grill or fireside. Multi-position lid, simple to use locking mechanism.


The Broil King® Imperial™ cedar cutting board is made from 100% cedar. It features an extra large cutting surface with a high volume moat, making it perfect for large cuts of meat. Best of all, the cutting board is dishwasher safe, guaranteed. 50.0cm x 29.0cm x 4.0cm.


The best way to roast poultry on your grill. Includes one set of stainless steel supports that can accommodate most chickens and secure the beverage can; also features a Broil King embossed stainless steel pan. Silicone bezel thermometer included. Measures: High: 20 cm x 17 cm diameter


The Broil King Imperial chicken roaster is crafted of 100% stainless steel with heavy 9" x 9" base and oversized 10mm handles. The twist on beer can holder has a large enough capacity to replace the beer can entirely and is vented at the top for better steaming action.


Nothing holds heat and delivers constant searing like 4.4kg. of carbon steel. Grilling steel Broil King is designed to perform and outlast cast iron. It is the perfect tool to sear steaks, seafood, mouthwatering burgers and sauteed onions. Dimensions: 27.9 x 33.0 cm


Heavy duty cast iron skillet for preparing fajitas and other fried items on the grill. TheFajita pan set Broil King set includes a bamboo base and silicone handle cover for moving the cast pan around.


Rib roaster Broil King is made of heavy cast iron surrounded by a durable porcelain coating, it has an internal roasting rack to elevate ribs off the bottom of the pot for steaming in their juices, or other flavored liquids. Ribs cook completely and stay moist in under an hour. Crafted to fit directly on the cooking grids or Flav-R-Wave™ of a Broil King®...


14" steel stainless paella pan. A traditional design Paella pan that can also be used as a multi–purpose pan for roasting or frying. Features embossed heavy duty handles and a dimpled pan base for added rigidity. It's the perfect size for use on the Broil King Keg.


The Broil King Imperial flat topper is made with high grade 1.2 mm stainless steel. The 15.5 x 13 design gives you more cooking space while the raised frame keeps foods contained within the topper cooking surface. 


16" x 11" stainless steel grilling topper Broil King with stainless handles and raised contours. The single draw design improves functionality and rigidity, it also makes it much easier to clean.


Designed with a folding handle to save space the Broil King pizza peel is a must for zaa enthusiasts. Soft grip folding handle large 11.75" blade easy to clean. 25.5" overall length.


Mezzaluna meaning half moon describes the shape of this professional Broil king pizza 15" cutter. Rocking the blade of the mezzaluna through the face of a pizza keeps the toppings from getting pushed around and the equal pressure being applied from side to side ensures each cut is clean.


The Broil King 15" diameter ceramic composite grilling and pizza stone is ideal for high temperature baking on your grill, the composite resists moisture or temperature related cracking. The extra thick 0.75" stone provides more even heat and better insulation from the direct flames.


Grill without the mess by catching grease in the grill catch pan. Cook all your favorite vegetables, fruits and meats in these Broil King Small Drip Pans. Each pan measures 12,1 x 15,2 x 2,5 cm. 10 pans per pack.


Large drip pans Broil King for indirect cooking and flavoring foods. Includes 3 pans. Measures: 26 x 32,4 x 4 cm


Narrow drip pans Broil King for indirect cooking and flavoring foods. Includes 3 pans. Measures: 15,24 x 35,56 x 4 cm


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