Rotisserie for weber Q2000 and Q2200, with electric motor and stainless lid.
Fantastic to roast chickens, rabbits, etc.
A single supplement for a single BBq.

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Rotisserie which rotates meat during the entire grill and gives chicken, lamb or other whole roast uniform browning and a crunchy crisp surface. Fits Weber Q2000 / 200 series.The rotisserie ensures a wonderfully moist and evenly browned cook due to the slow rotation process which effectively self bastes the meat or poultry to seal in the meats natural juices and flavors.

Key features of the Weber Q rotisserie system include:

  • Uniform cooking
  • Tender and moist flesh
  • Gorgeous crisp skin when used correctly
  • This is the ideal way to slow cook roasts, poultry, tenderloin and pork
  • It works on 220 V
  • Easy to handle
  • Perfect to give as a gift
  • Contains: Motor, heat shield, stainless steel spit and two skewer prongs
  •  Weber Q 200, Weber Q 2000, Weber Q 2200 y Weber Q 2400.


This rotisserie skewer will expand your options with any of the Weber gas grills when combined with one of the Rotisserie accessories that are available separately. The skewer fits onto the rotisserie allowing you to spit grill delicious kebebs or even bake bread.

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The Weber Rotisserie Basket is a fantastic new accessory for 2016. Move beyond whole birds and joints and cook up all sorts of delicious foods on your Weber Rotisserie.

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Cook smaller cuts of meat, vegetables, fries or even popcorn in this mesh basket which fits to all Weber rotisseries. Without the worry of foods falling through any gaps you can more or less cook just about anything in this basket 

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